Friday, October 31, 2008

A Long Week

Guild Issues (Get the Tissues!) over the last week as a large portion of raiders left for a new guild called "Saints" (Ironic? lol).
So i'm back in "Heavy Metal Inc", and it is great to be with friends again. Our member list is growing steadily, and we have allot of good players.
We'll never be the best guild in the world or even the server, but I dont mind. As long as I get too see the content & bosses eventually. ^_^

The Invasion Event is still on, & I was able to grab myself some welfare epics on my level 66 rogue (Sphinxara). As soon as I hit 70, ka'pow! Epix!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Eredar Twins Down!

As the title says, last night Forgotten Heroes killed Eredar Twins!
Dann tanked while Fabi & Icarium battled for 2nd place on agro for the Shadow Twin, Meanwhile Cghost took care of the Fire Twin.

Once people had learned where to stand & how to not blow up the raid, this fight was hardly a challenge at all, a short but fairly fun fight.

Drops weren't particularly exciting (unless you're a hunter)

We also got M'uru to 2nd phase but ended the raid due to the late hour. We continue & destroy Entropius on Monday (hopefully).

It must be annoying for the "Hardcore" guilds that spent so many hours learning these fights now that it's easymode but i'm glad because there's a very good chance I'll be able to see KJ before Wrath. ^_^

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Adventures In SWP!

Last night was back in SWP after the reset, it was very different from most of our raids in that there was only 2 tanks, myself (Paladin) & Icarium (Durid). Who needs warriors anyway!?

I had allot of fun, more fun then I had on the trash leading to Twins even!

The highlight of my evening was tanking Felmyst, and then tanking all of the adds all on my own due to our Druid DC'ng and getting hit by her deadly breath of doom!

Sadly no shield for Dann, but I did manage to steal away Lightbringer Wristguards from Kalecgos!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On the Brighter Side of Things!

The guild i'm currently a part of managed to kill Felmyst tonight!
I didn't feel particularly happy about it to be honest, it felt... too easy. Like blizz have given us a free kill there. Mind you the way things were going I don't think Forgotten Heroes were ever going to kill her lol, on the attempt we killed her 3 priests managed to get themselves killed!

My question? How hard is it to move from encapsulate? Because I found it quite simple when I did it on my priest, you even have Power Word: Shield!

The trash on the way to Twins however is Incredibly fun! As a Paladin Tank at least. Seriously, it's non-stop tanking fun! Grabing multiple mobs! Pew Pew Pew! I'll go SWP again just for that!

Twins: the fight itself was a complete mess, I dont even want to talk about it. Some complete idiot noob in the guild (seriously who invited him?) managed to pull during tactics something like 3 times! Cheers! That will be 20g please. no? It seems fairly simple, but some people will have to wake up if we want to kill this one. < /rant >


All week the servers have been up and down like a whores knickers, Darksorrow (my server) has spent more time down then up. I guess it's because it's one of the oldest of the EU servers...

I failed to do my fishing daily (crocs in the city) this evening because Eastern Kingdoms was down... 5 of my 7 characters are logged out in Eastern Kingdoms it seems & I lost Dann in the portal from Shatt. Gonna go play Geometry Wars, at least that always lets me play!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Patch 3.0.2 Part.2 - Achievements & Addiction

One thing I learned last night is that Achievements are addictive and they should have never have given them to me for my own sake. I found myself Running into a few unseen corners of Outland at 5am, knowing that I needed to be up at 7:30 for work. I few things I found myself doing that I wouldn't usually do included: Fishing up Lurker in SSC, running through Scarlet Monastery & Shadowfang Keep.

Next Benn & I, ran off to AQ-40 to see how much was 2-manable. So we discovered we can handle the trash, I was able to snag myself a Blue Qiraji Resonating Crystal and I can officially confirm that the AQ mounts do count towards Leading the Cavalry.

Oh yeah, & the first boss The Prophet Skeram is not 2-manable sadly. :'(
This was due to his ability True Fulfillment (Mind Control)... Benn owned me.

After that I was able to snag myself 2 hours sleep and a Red Bull, but that's just IRL issues, I didn't get any achievements.

Patch 3.0.2 Part.1 - Servers & Inscription

Last night I got home from work and was eager to go check out my new stats, unfortunately after trying to log in to Darksorrow for over half an hour I gave up & joined my horde (alt) companions on Spinebreaker (which was working fine btw).

Eventually Darksorrow was taken off the list for a bit & I worried a little about Dann, but it made a miraculous return (better late then never. First thing I did was to sort out Dann's Keybindings, UI, specc prot, train new skills, gem my gear, learn my social pets (all 24 of them), learn my mounts and got my hair cut.

Next I logged my Rogue Alt and procceded to some hardcore Inscription leveling! (not that hardcore lvl 200ish tbh I ran out of herbs)

On Darksorrow glyphs were selling anywhere between 10g - 30g and they were selling so fast! You know when you walk past a place selling fresh doughnuts, that's how well they were selling! People were biting my hands off for Glyphs.
Lucky me also, it looks like I was the first (only?) person to learn Glyph of Lay On Hands which I have been bashing out on the AH for 30g a pop. Minor Glyphs are random discoveries (like the alchemy ones) through Research which has a 20 hour cooldown.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The last Screenshot of Patch 2.4.3

So I guess this is goodbye to my haircut and also to my User Interface which I must admit, I had grown quite attached too.

Dann, October 15 2008

I am dreading how this will look tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In Preparation for the Patch

As a protection Paladin it seems I've drawn the short straw in the sense that the upcoming patch is forcing me to re socket some of my existing gear.

We wont benefit as much from Spell Damage as we will from Strength, since Strength will be effecting our Block Value as well as increasing our Attack Power. (Which in turn Effects all our Offensive Abilities.) So I've got Sovereign Shadowsong Amethyst x3 sitting in my bags waiting for Spell Damage to go out the window. I also switched about a few of my other gems for some extra avoidance.

I'll also be replacing my trusty Hammer of Judgement with
The Unbreakable Will (+Mongoose).

Since Hammer of the Righteous is going to be causing weapon based damage this will be an extremely useful upgrade in terms of threat, as well as the increase the weapon adds to my Avoidance (0.72%) Oh and Mongoose offers around 5% Dodge when it procs.

This is going to be sick! =D

Introduction - 3.0.2

Introducing: Dann

My name is Dann, I am a Paladin.
Not just any Paladin, i'm a Protection Paladin!

I also have a Shadow-Priest: Dani

I have been playing WoW for some years now, you can tell you're old when you start daydreaming about how it was when you could drop "Reckoning-Bombs" and one-shot anyone.

My Proffessions are Engineering & Mining, they have been this way for around 2 years.

Dann resides on the server Darksorrow - EU

I'm not the worlds greatest Protadin, due to real life circumstances.
I have a Job: 9 - 5:30, Monday - Friday.
I also have a social life... well... I go out once (sometimes twice!) a week.

My reason for starting this Blog? I guess I want to record my progress & adventures from here out, especially since we will be thrown into the expansion soon.

Patch 3.0.2 (Echoes of Doom) comes tomorow & with it comes many changes to the Paladin class, especially Protection & Retribution. Part of me cant wait to actually be able to Main-tank, the other part of me knows the UI breakage is imminent, and i'll probably not be alone with issues patching the damn thing.

Lets see how this goes!