Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On the Brighter Side of Things!

The guild i'm currently a part of managed to kill Felmyst tonight!
I didn't feel particularly happy about it to be honest, it felt... too easy. Like blizz have given us a free kill there. Mind you the way things were going I don't think Forgotten Heroes were ever going to kill her lol, on the attempt we killed her 3 priests managed to get themselves killed!

My question? How hard is it to move from encapsulate? Because I found it quite simple when I did it on my priest, you even have Power Word: Shield!

The trash on the way to Twins however is Incredibly fun! As a Paladin Tank at least. Seriously, it's non-stop tanking fun! Grabing multiple mobs! Pew Pew Pew! I'll go SWP again just for that!

Twins: the fight itself was a complete mess, I dont even want to talk about it. Some complete idiot noob in the guild (seriously who invited him?) managed to pull during tactics something like 3 times! Cheers! That will be 20g please. no? It seems fairly simple, but some people will have to wake up if we want to kill this one. < /rant >

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