Thursday, November 27, 2008

Achievements & How to Deny Hadronox

Defeat Hadronox in Azjol-Nerub on Heroic Difficulty before he webs the top doors and prevents more creatures from spawning.

All in all this is the hardest Achievement Dann has earned so far. We failed around 4 or 5 times due to the sick amounts of damage we were taking, & Dann had allot of trouble tanking the ranged mobs (with everything else) & our healer was getting destroyed. Until we (it was my idea!) worked out a tactic.

Pic stolen from

How we did it:
We pulled the boss as soon as the third group went down, we used misdirect to pull the boss onto the bridge above the room far enough back so that Arachnan could LoS the ranged adds and they would need to run through my Consecration & Death & Decay.
Our setup was:
The boss creeped up to Dann and the rest of the group was positioned behind, forcing any adds to face Dann & Rhys on the way to Arachnan. Dann mainly focused on the boss & Rhys pulled adds off of me when I was getting out of my depth. Aymee did her best to make sure Dann wasn't diseased by evil spider scumbags while putting out dps & Mits's pet died in the first 12 seconds.

Dann had to pull out all of the stops: Health Potions, Divine Protection (Shield Wall for Paladins) & Lay on Hands were all used. Arach also found it a battle to heal, Volunteer Work as a druid healer is also pretty intense apparently. But I believe this one is much harder on the group as a whole.

Achievements have now been added to the armory now so feel free to check out how Dann's doing in heroics so far: LINK

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seeking The Windseeker

For quite a long time now I've sought after Bindings of the Windseeker.
Apparently now I have a good chance at them.

Last night (this morning) I ventured into Molten Core on a mission to solo Garr.
The most annoying thing about soloing as a protection Paladin against this scumwhore is Antimagic Pulse, which dispells everything from Seals to Blessings. This wasn't really too much of a problem tbh. Anyone going up against Garr should try and keep Sacred Shield & Holy Shield up at all times and hopefully he'll dispel those.

I killed Garr suprisingly fast, it only took me 10 minutes and 6 seconds.

Sadly no bindings today, but there's always next reset. :D

Monday, November 24, 2008

Heroics Heroics Heroics

Ok so over the course of the weekend I went a little mad on heroics.

& I also got myself a some new epics!
Armored Titanium Goggles - Engineering Goggles
Bracers of the Herald - Ahn'kahet (Heroic)
Heroes' Redemption Handguards - Tier 7 Gloves (purchased for 60 badges)

That + lots of blue gear i've managed to become Crit Proof easily. (got my 540 Defence)

I am looking forward to going Naxxramas this coming weekend. :D

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Level 80

Last night I hit level 80 & wasted no time. I was straight into heroics!

The bad news is I'm slightly undergeared for it, but I'm very close to crit-proof & have around 21k hp unbuffed.

So far I have only changed 4 pieces of gear since level 70, those are my Chest, Legs, a ring and...

yes! I was able to grab myself a frozen orb as planned.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Level 79

So I have nearly reached the level-cap & i'm really looking forward to starting raiding Naxx as well as the high level instances I havent tried yet, including: CoT:Stratholme !

I also have the mats for my Titansteel Shield Wall farmed and in the bank! Just got to go farm myself a Frozen Orb! :D

Friday, November 14, 2008

Level 72

So this morning I dinged level 72. So far I've really been enjoying WotLK. Managed to finish EVERY quest in Borean Tundra, grabbing 2 achievements: Nothing Boring About Borean & D.E.H.T.A's Little P.I.T.A. as well as Sous Chef, Skills to Pay the Bills & Working Day and Night. (i'm pretty much a proffession whore)

I also want to be able to say I've Toured the Fjord but while working towards it all the servers died... ("restarted")... hence me posting here.

Also Death Knight (is fun)

Mine's called Dannknight (how cool am I?).

Really impressed with the way Blizz have made the starting area & how quests work. It meant I didn't see more then 5 other Death Knights at any one time. (untill I got to Outland...)

Oh yeah, & the armor they give you is sick. See how awesome I look:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WotLK is Incoming

I know it's probably completely and utterly out of order to post 3 times within one hour, but I forgot to mention:


Snapshot level 70

So here it is, a snapshot of Dann at level 70 as of the 11th of November 2008.
it will be interesting to see how things go from here but at least I'm happy about how things worked out for me in The Burning Crusade, even if I didn't get to defeat kil'Jaeden.

Dann - Darksorrow EU


Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart

I was looking at this achivement:
Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart
and well...

So yeah... It had to be done really.
I needed him in my life. :D

Tonight I went and gathered the remaining pets I needed to adopt Stinker.

I should have probably been leveling my level 69 Rogue... but nevermind. Stinker is worth it I think. Even if I did spend over half an hour grinding Air Elementals in Desolace to craft Tranquil Mechanical yeti.

Also this evening: I went to Tempest Keep & killed Kael & got myself the Verdant Sphere which provided me with what I believe will be my last gear upgrade before WotLK. The Darkener's Grasp.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How to Spec your Protection Paladin

(Warning: This is mostly a L2P rant post)

If you're looking for my Level 80 Protection Paladin Spec guide it's here.

I find myself a little confused and a little frustrated at many Protadins on my server (& i'm sure it's not just my server).
They seem to have completely missed the last patch, & still consider themselves fit for end-game raiding.

One in particular that caused much facepalm last night thought that 1 point spent in Touched By The Light was absolutely fine. Whats worse he was setting up a PuG for Black Temple & was inspecting people to make sure they were geared for it before inviting. As if he was geared to judge others! The guy was stacking crap loads of spell damage to make up for the 2 talent points he didn't spend!

You may not actually understand my frustration, let me help by showing you how he decided to spec: How NOT To Spec Prottection.

Where he shouldn't have wasted points:
Blessing of Kings (5) - 5 Points wasted, you will be using Sanctuary if you have half a brain.
Guardian's Favor (2) - While this is not a horrible talent to have, you will need your points for more useful places.
Benediction (3) - Your mana will be fine stop being a noob!
Reckoning (1 or 2) - You dont need 5 points in Reckoning, if anything this talent is for Protadin soloing ! I like to spend 3 or 4 points in it, that is more then enough.

Where he should definitly consider spening some points:
Divine Strength (5) - Strength = Damage = Threat, it's not hard to understand.
More importantly though, strength will also now increase your Block Value.
One-Handed Weapon Specialization (5) - 10% increased damage, Why would you not have this? I'm sorry but you must be retarded not to want this! & that's not even a good excuse.
Touched by the Light (3) - You do not need spell damage gear anymore, not with this talent. Go grab yourself a nice high dps one hander with a strength Enchant (or Mongoose if you favour Avoidence).

So here is my favored spec: How to Spec Protection

While I do not consider my spec perfect for everyone, I find it to be a good all-round tanking choice & it's been tested, i've tanked all of Black Temple like this & the first 5 bosses of SWP.

So next time you see a noob (prot) Paladin, send them here for a little advice.

Love Dann x

Monday, November 3, 2008


This weekend I set off on another adventure in the name of the achievement system. This time I was headed into The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj to slay the Old God, C'thun.

As you may know AQ-40 is not the easiest instance in the game, & I was taking no chances, I brought 5 friends & 30 randoms to battle along side me.

The only problem with random players is that they dont have a clue what they're doing and wont listen to instruction. Unfortunately I did need to kick a few people who were being plain stupid. As a raid leader I can be quite cruel, but fair.

As predicted we wiped on Twins, this was due to people not knowing the fight, but once we had it worked out there was no problem.

C'thun wasn't too tricky, although on our first attempt around 30 people died from his "Noob Detection Beam" (see left image).

I got my achievement and hearthed out, unwilling to do anymore instances that evening. :P