Thursday, November 27, 2008

Achievements & How to Deny Hadronox

Defeat Hadronox in Azjol-Nerub on Heroic Difficulty before he webs the top doors and prevents more creatures from spawning.

All in all this is the hardest Achievement Dann has earned so far. We failed around 4 or 5 times due to the sick amounts of damage we were taking, & Dann had allot of trouble tanking the ranged mobs (with everything else) & our healer was getting destroyed. Until we (it was my idea!) worked out a tactic.

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How we did it:
We pulled the boss as soon as the third group went down, we used misdirect to pull the boss onto the bridge above the room far enough back so that Arachnan could LoS the ranged adds and they would need to run through my Consecration & Death & Decay.
Our setup was:
The boss creeped up to Dann and the rest of the group was positioned behind, forcing any adds to face Dann & Rhys on the way to Arachnan. Dann mainly focused on the boss & Rhys pulled adds off of me when I was getting out of my depth. Aymee did her best to make sure Dann wasn't diseased by evil spider scumbags while putting out dps & Mits's pet died in the first 12 seconds.

Dann had to pull out all of the stops: Health Potions, Divine Protection (Shield Wall for Paladins) & Lay on Hands were all used. Arach also found it a battle to heal, Volunteer Work as a druid healer is also pretty intense apparently. But I believe this one is much harder on the group as a whole.

Achievements have now been added to the armory now so feel free to check out how Dann's doing in heroics so far: LINK


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matija said...

This boss is pretty hard to kill, well it used to be, now it's very easy to kill it since we are already in Cataclysm and all levels 85 with better gear and skills. But that boss was back then was always a lot of fun.
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