Monday, December 15, 2008

Dann, Champion of the Frozen Wastes

With the defeat of Malygos (The Spellweaver's Downfall) Dann has become a Champion of the Frozen Wastes!

Heavy Metal Inc havent yet dipped there feet into the 25-man content due to issues with numbers that will soon be reolved, but for now I am satisfied, at least I have tanked and defeated everything WotLK has to offer.

Of all the fights Malygos is definitly the most challenging & the easiest was probably Sartharion with 0 dragons alive.

There are allot of complaints that the content is too easy, but given that this is entry level raiding I honestly cannot say that i'm disapointed. It's not as if it's all a complete pushover, I wouldn't dare to try and pug Horsemen or Sapphiron for instance.

More challenges to come in the near future i'm sure!

Also While I'm Posting crap about my progress:

Dann has now completed Higher Learning & The Coin Master

Useless but fun! Sad? Maybe a little. :p


Aymee said...

...I just realized that Malygos is not actually listed as a requirement for the title, if you go ingame. Is that just a special consideration for me, or did they change this? :p

Aerophilia said...

Nope, I noticed this too. - I was all: "wtf, where's my achievement??"

Looks like they just forgot to add Malygos to the list under the achievement, but he is definitly needed.