Friday, December 19, 2008

Retribution & PvP

I had a few days free of raiding so I rolled Retribution and went for a run around the battlegrounds splatting people with my Claymore of Ancient Power
In most matches I was around 100,000 damage ahead of the rest of the battle!

In PvE I find Retribution slow paced and boring (in comparison to main tanking as protection) but in PvP it makes me happy. Retribution has evolved massively in comparison to how it used to be. People used to say lolRet & Retardin. Ah I have a guy on me! oh don't worry, it's just a Paladin. Nowdays I have most classes on the run. I will happily single handedly charge a group of 3 Horde if I have all my cooldowns (and provided that they aren't 3 Mages QQ).
Sadly even with all the abilities we have been give some people are still running around making us all look bad.

To play Retribution well in PvP everything needs to comes into play, you need to use so many abilities to stay ahead of the game:
Every Man for Himself, Repentance, Cleanse, Hammer of Wrath, Hammer of Justice, Judgement of Justice, Sacred Shield, Hand of Freedom, Hand of Protection, Flash of Light, Crusader Strike, Divine Storm, Consecration, Seal of Command, Divine Shield & Avenging Wrath. Did I miss something?

Utilizing all of these abilities is very very important& you need to consider cooldowns in all your situations. My favourite tactic is probably: *Berserker!* *Wings!* *Splat!* *Splat!* *Splat!* :p

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