Monday, December 22, 2008

Paladin Tanking Stats at level 80

What is the best stat for a Paladin tank?

  • 1 Defense = 4.92 Defense Rating
First of all to become Crit Immune all tanks (with the exception of Druids) need 540 Defence.

It's not hard to hit 540 Defence with all the craftable Blacksmith gear available. Once you have done got Crit Proof it's time start building on your other stats. Or is it?

So Should I be stacking Dodge or Parry Gems?

The anwser: Neither.
Lets break it down:
  • 39.35 Dodge Rating = 1% Avoidance
  • 41.00 Defense Rating = 1% Avoidance
  • 49.18 Parry Rating = 1% Avoidance
So Dodge is the cheapest avoidance per rating stat to start building on, but lets not forget about Diminishing Returns!

OMG what are Diminishing Returns?
While Dodge Rating gives better avoidance then Parry Rating the more Dodge Rating you have, the more Dodge Rating it will take to make up 1% Avoidance but in the same way the more Parry Rating you have, the more Parry Rating it will take to make up 1% Avoidance. This works the same for Miss rating.

Lets look at Defence now:

4.92 Defense Rating = 0.04% Miss + 0.04% Dodge + 0.04% Parry + 0.04% Block

  • 41 Defense Rating = 1% Avoidance + 0.33% Block Chance
  • 41 Dodge Rating = 1.04% Avoidance

So the real question is Defence or Dodge?
Would you rather have 0.33% Block Chance or 0.04% Avoidance?

At the end of the day Defence is the best stat when directly compared with Dodge or Parry because of dirty dirty Diminishing Returns you will need to spread out your avoidance, that combined with the fact that block is far more useful then it used to be with most tanks stopping up to 1.5k damage per attack.
Also that extra block rating is is an exelent source of mana. :p
Oh yeah & Block Rating is not affected by Diminishing Returns!

Defense > Dodge > Parry

So now when your Protadin hits the golden (Crit Proof) 540 Defense start collecting... more defence!
Of course while you cant have too much avoidance don't forget that Stamina, Armor & +Hit are important stats for your Protection Paladin too!

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