Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here We Go! 3.1

So it's patch time, and there as been a dramatic change in enthusiasm for raiding. Everyone's excited about what treats wait for them in Ulduar. While I am definitely looking forward to the joys of new content I am also slightly dreading what is (no doubt) going to happen & in fact has already began:

People I assumed were dead are crawling out of no-where and have decided even though they've been out of the picture for the past month or 2 that they want to raid and yes if they don't have a raid spot then they are prepared to get shitty.

I don't want to be the guy that says, no you guys cant raid because we have 35/25 people here all slitting each others throats to get at new content, but how are we gonna do this? There needs to be some kind of balance. & what am I going to do about the guys that have joined in the last week or 2? *facepalm* This is not going to be easy, this is going to be stressful. As a raid leader I can guarantee that the second I log in tomorrow a will be walled with around 10 - 15 whispers of people telling me how they have 40 stacks of food and 12 flasks and are ready to go!

I am sure I am going to piss a few people off, and I already pissed one off this evening but I'm sure we'll manage to keep everything together & there may just be laughter before the evening ends! And Flame Leviathan looks really REALLY fun for a first boss. I would like to ride a Chopper please, kkthnx.

Mind you, I am also making the mistake of assuming that we will be able to get online and that the Realm wont be:
a) Full.
b) Crashing every 2 minutes
c) laggy as fuck.

No doubt there are times ahead, I'm bringing the paracetamol. Now lets have some fun!

(Afterthought: maybe I should have a bottle of vodka to raid with tonight, that could help.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

"Heroic"? lol

So Heavy Metal Inc officially started raiding Heroics last week. & for our 2nd week we decided to give Malygos a good attempts. & so we did.

... what a joke.
1st attempt: Tank dies, sparks are a bit messy.
2nd attempt: Lost a couple of people on Phase 2. Phase 3 we lose half the raid to a static field.
3rd attempt: Malygos goes down with little effort & few casualties.
Better late then never, Heavy Metal Inc have cleared all raid content with little challenge involved. (oh & I got myself a rather sexy new Neck: Nexus War Champion Beads)

You'd have thought that "Heroic" means a harder difficulty. Right?
Thats what it used to mean at least.
As the game is right now the raid encounters Naxx, Sarth & Malygos, all feel allot easier on Heroic.

This is probably because you depend less on individuals then you do the raid as a whole, but why shouldn't we be able to depend on individuals?

10-man raiding feels allot more personal to me while 25-man raiding feels like a Zergfest. We have over twice as many people and yet the bosses do not have twice as much health.
Most bosses don't even hit significantly harder.
In fact, the only single fight I feel is more difficult on "Heroic Difficulty" is Patchwork, an obstacle that is easily overcome with assigned healers and a stamina trinket.

What do you think?
Is heroic really More difficult?

I'm not usually one to complain about lack of a challenge but personally if it wasn't for the Achievement system I'd be bored with the game already.

Sometimes we need a good challenge to really single out the individuals and point out who is really under performing with no valid reason.

Friday, February 20, 2009

OMG Tagged!?

Right then!
So we're playing this Tagged game!
(started on the Voodoo Ventures Blog)

The Blood-Elf Paladin, Aureilie of has tagged Dann & I am always happy to jump into my Screenshots folders!

Aureilie Says:
Basically you’re supposed to choose the sixth image in the sixth folder of your screenshot folder.

Character: Dann
Level: 60
Gear: Soulforge!
Location: Mount Hyjal
Further Comments: this is not the Caverns of Time instance that was released in The Burning Crusade.
This is the zone located south-west of Winterspring. With a bit of careful wall running (now almost impossible) You could enter Hyjal via Darkwhisper Gorge.
The Zone itself is twice the size of the instance (set in the past)

The under construction sign which was located close to the base of The World Tree, hinted that blizzard were going to use the Zone but we've still yet to hear anything about Hyjal being opened up to adventurers, which is a real shame because I can honestly say that it is one of the most beautiful zones in the game to date. I'm sad that it is no longer accessible to be honest, I feel sorry for those who never got to see it too.

Here's the Zone on map:

(& because I've Decided to play)
I'm going to Tag: Aymee, Mitsune & Trix.
Simply because I have been playing with them for some time and I am hopeful of a nice story and even more hopeful that I might be actually in one of the screen-shots :p
Also they are slack bloggers and need encouragement. ^_^

(I read the original post and I'm meant to Tag 6 people, which I feel is a little excessive anyways:)
Also Tagging: Nasthalthia, Peregrine and Doofy.

Ofc you guys don't have to tag people, but it would be nice if you could do at least 3 like Aureilie did.

Before people start bitching: If you've already been tagged go and post your 12th Screenshot instead!

Thanks again to Aureilie for reminding me about my old screenshots folders.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dann, The almost Undying

The first rule for getting The Undying Achievement is:
Do not Talk About The Undying Achievement

The Second rule for getting The Undying Achievement is:

...You get the point.


Just your average 10-man Naxx run.
We have a strong mix of good players from the guild with a few Trials including a Shaman Healer and Warrior OT.

Spider Wing: goes well.
Azran:"Hey No-one's died! We should go for" *interrupted by Discobear*
Discobear:"NO! NO! NO! Don't say it!

Construct Wing: Huge Success.
Azran: "Hey guys, we should try and get" *interrupted by a collection of "DONT SAY IT!"

Plague Wing: also downed with little trouble, including The Safety Dance.
Azran: "The Undying! We can get The Undying!"
Many voices: "Shut the fuck up Azran" "Oh Great we'll never get it now" "that's ruined it"
Dann: "Ok, just to clarify: we are NOT going for The Undying. but: NO-ONE DIE! Everyone on full focus! If you drop on HP, pop a pot, don't take any chances, but we're NOT going for The Undying..."
Military Quarter: And as we approach 4-Horsemen our new healer, decides to mention: "I have never done this fight, can some-one explain tactics?"
And the raid collectively Sighs.

So here I created a perfect plan of action!
Dann: "Ok here's how this is going to work, Terror, you take Riventwat on the right here, New-Healer you stay with him, keep him alive. Darrell(Shadow Priest) You're healing me! Disco, is healing the ranged tanks. This is going to be easy, no-one will die!"
Everyone was in position, the readycheck comes back positive. Grimhild fires a shot into a horseman's beck & they all gallop to their corners.
I pop my wings so we can burst down Thane, everything has been set-up perfectly. If we did this we are pretty much guaranteed to...NO!

And as you twist your camera to check on the Off-Tank and his healer, a single tear trickles down your cheek at the site of the Barron himself, completely un-tanked trotting over towards your Shadow-priest healer...

It turns out 5 + 3 debuffs is too much for our shadow-priest healer. People die...
Dann:"....excuse me, i'm just going to take my headset off for a moment..."
*takes off headset*

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last Laugh

He Who Last Laugh's,
Laugh's Loudest

...hang on...wait... was that right?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Heroic: The Fall of Naxxramas

Just a quick post to say, i'm still alive.
I've been quite inactive in blogs lately due to:
a) RL Issues &
b)Achievement Whoring.

Good News:
After a few months of Naxx-25 with 17 People I decided to go on a recruitment spree this weekend!
This sunday we had a massive 32 people signed for our Naxx Raid of which 25 people actually turned up!

It's amazing what difference 8 people makes!
We one-shotted Saphiron & Deafeated KT as soon as we had bested our lag issues and I started moving out of the void spawns. ^_^

I am looking forward to our first kill on Malygos and Satharion with 3 Drakes! (i'm sure it will happen one day)

This brings me up to an awesome 5205 Achievement Points putting me a clear step above Helldog (the Scumbag)!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Glory of the Hero - Red Proto-Drake

I did it! It was hard work, but no-one ever said it was going to be easy.

YEEEEE! Look at it go!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Glory of the Hero - Watch Him Die

I will have my Glory of the Hero Achievement & my Red Proto-Drake!

Recent Achievements:

Amber Void
This achievement was extremely easy, we went with 4 Green Drakes & One Red drake (Me).
Every time a group of welps spawn target the closest one to chain you damage spell through the welps hitting the boss last for massive damage.

Watch Him Die
This achievement Was intense & allot of fun.
Our set-up:

Our tactic involved no messing around/killing adds.
Adds were handled as follows:
Canckle - Repentence & Turn Evil
Darrell - Shackle
Mitsune - Turn Evil
Dann - Turn Evil with Glyph of Turn Evil

This leave you with only 1 add (not including the watchers).
We then nuke the boss. Heroism, Avenging Wrath, the lot.
As soon as I drop to 50% HP I cast Holy Wrath, after 5 Seconds Mits uses his Holy Wrath & then another 5 Secs later Canckle uses his.
By this point the boss should be dead or at least close to death.

Gotta Go!
Since this acheivement was nerfed from 2 minutes to 4 minutes it has lost any challenge it once had. A group with half our dps could have pulled it off.

Red Proto-Drake, To Do List Updated:
  1. Zombiefest!
  2. Lightning Struck
  3. Less-rabi
  4. Split Personality
  5. Emerald Void

Yay, i'm nearly there!
I should be able to grab these at the weekend. Exciting stuff. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Recent Achievements

Lodi Dodi We Loves the Skadi
Defeat Skadi the Ruthless in Utgarde Pinnacle on Heroic Difficulty within 3 minutes of starting the gauntlet event.

This achievement was easy mode. Our setup was: a Warlock, Myself, a Holy Paladin, a Resto Shammie & a freshly dinged Rogue.
How to do it: Pull the boss and plod towards the end at your own pace. Once everyone has a harpoon & is at the end of the gauntlet, one of the Paladins DI the other. (SoulStone/Ahnk would work fine too)
The boss will have reset, and you will all be alive & with your harpoons at the end of the gauntlet. I drop my consecration in front of the door & the rogue sprint-pulls.
Quickly AoE the adds down and proceed to use all of your harpoons. Now all you need to do is defeat a fairly easy boss in a fairly easy time limit.

Ruby Void
Defeat Ley-Guardian Eregos in The Oculus on Heroic Difficulty without anyone in your party using a Ruby Drake.

Our setup: 3x Green & 2x Bronze
This was suprisingly fun. We basically used the green drakes to kite him around, with the bronze drakes pausing time and channeling when he yells at us or the "tank" gets low.
When Bronze drakes are channeling the damage of all DoTs is increased significantly, which is very nice for healing.

Experienced Drake Rider
On three different visits to The Oculus, get credit for defeating Ley-Guardian Eregos while riding an Amber, Emerald, and Ruby drake on Heroic Difficulty.

It turns out that I had never tried the emerald drake before. :p

50 Emblems of Valor
Loot 50 Emblems of Valor.

Enabled me to buy my Signet of the Impregnable Fortress for 25 Emblems.

Knights of the Ebon Blade
Earn exalted status with the Knights of the Ebon Blade.

I am really bad at remembering to equip faction tabbards before an instance, but I remembered on this day. ^_^

Can I has Red Proto-Drake Nao Plx?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Level 80 Prot Pally Spec

There is allot of debate over What is the best Protection Paladin spec?
The answer is simple: There is no "best spec"

There are some talents you will want & some that you will need.
So instead of telling you how to spec I'm just going to explain my spec.

NEED - Dont go anywhere without this talent
WANT - This talent is optional depending on your preference
GTFO - Just... leave

Note: This is a spec for raids. It is not "the ultimate Paladin build" it is just my preferred build.

Protection Tree Tier 1
(0/5)Blessing of Kings WANT
Many Paladins are taking Kings, but it's not for me thanks.
My reason: My guild has too many Retri Paladins & any PvE specced Retribution Paladin (with no PvP talents) should have plenty of points to Pick up kings.
I consider Kings to be one of the best talents to have as a tank, but given the choice for 90% of Situations I would take BoS over Kings.

(5/5)Divine Strength NEED
Strength = Damage = Threat, it's not hard to understand.
More importantly though, strength will also now increase your Block Value.

(0/3)Stoicism GTFO
This is not something you need, nor is it something that I want. As a human, I don't really consider being stunned ever to be a problem.
& in WotLK I cannot think of a single PvE mob that dispels buffs.

(0/2)Guardians Favor WANT
Blessing....ahem. Hand of Freedom is a wonderful buff, now much more likely to be available when you need it.
It's not really needed but it is nice.

(5/5)Anticipation NEED
If you do not want an extra 5% of pure, non diminishing Dodge: You are beyond my help, please leave my site now. You dont belong here. Thankyou.

Tier 3
(3/3)Improved Righteous Fury NEED
Does exactly what it says on the tin.

(5/5)Toughness NEED
10%... that is allot of extra armor.

Tier 4
(0/2)Divine Guardian WANT
Ok, this a great talent for a Holy Paladin &/or an off tank, but this is not a Main Tank talent for obvious reasons.

(0/3)Improved Hammer of Justice WANT
This is another talent that is not bad but not great either, the only reason I would ever take it would be to help me solo the tiger boss in ZG. ^_^
I wouldn't recommend this talent to anyone, but also wouldn't kick it out of bed. :p

(3/3)Improved Devotion Aura NEED
Extra Armor & Healing for your entire raid is an opportunity that should not be missed. As long as you remember to use it!

Tier 5
(1/1)Blessing of Sanctuary NEED
As it stands the Protection Paladin is build around this buff. This is the buff that I wouldn't go anywhere without & all of your tanks will love you for it.

(3/5)Reckoning WANT
Most people don't spec for Reckoning & I cannot say that I blame them. I like to put 3 points in Reckoning for soloing mostly for maximizing the benefits of Seals & Judgements.
I wouldn't spend 5 points in Reckoning, that would be just pure waste, 3 is enough. :p

Tier 6
(2/2)Sacred Duty NEED
Divine Protection aka Bubble Wall cooldown being reduced & 6% Extra Stamina is awesomeness.

(5/5)One-Handed Weapon Specialization NEED
+10% Extra Damage from all of your the abilities that you have at your disposal. I love this talents and you should too.

Tier 7
(1/1)Holy Shield NEED
The fact that this is always on Cooldown While Tanking makes it an essential talent ^_^
That and the fact that you will need it if you wish to get the next 2 talents down the ladder.

(5/5)Ardent Defender NEED
When you have less than 35% health, all damage taken is reduced by 30%. Having 5 points here can and will really save your ass at one point or another.

Tier 8
(3/3)Redoubt NEED
30% Block Value is fricking OP!
If you have 2000 block value this adds an extra Damage reduction through 600 Block value!
When you think about it like that it sounds superb doesn't it?

(3/3)Combat Expertise NEED
Expertise, Stamina and 6% extra crit chance. What is there not to want about this talent?

Tier 9
(3/3)Touched by the Light NEED
This will be your one and only source of Spellpower, so it's important that you don't leave it out.

(1/1)Avengers Shield NEED
Your ranged attack. You will need this for those moments where a body pull just wont do. :p

(2/2)Guarded by the Light NEED
Saves you allot of Mana & gives you extra protection against casters.

Tier 10
(3/3)Shield of the Templar NEED
Damage reduction with the added bonus of extra boom! Yes Please.

(0/2)Judgements of the Just WANT
This talent is not worth picking up if you have a warrior with improved ThunderClap, since most prot warriors will spec for this chances are you wont need to & no, they do not stack.

Tier 11 (Final Tier)
(1/1)Hammer of the Righteous NEED
Nothing says "attack me" like a good loud "DONG!" which also tears mobs apart.

Retribution Tree
Tier 1

(5/5)Deflection NEED & (0/0)Benediction WANT
5% Parry will go a long way to help you surviving Patchworks enrage ^_^
As for Benediction: if you are using BoS & Divine Plea you should have no mana issues.

Tier 2
(2)Improved Judgements, NEED (3)Heart of the Crusader WANT & (0/0)Improved Blessing of Might GTFO
Reduced cooldown on a core Paladin ability + Crit for everyone!

Tier 3
(0/0)Vindication GTFO
Bosses are immune, this is purly a PvP talent & shouldn't be considered in any PvE build

(5)Conviction WANT
5% Extra Crit

(0/0)Seal of Command GTFO
Wont put out as much damage as SoR with this spec anyway

& (0/0)Pursuit of Justice WANT
Extra speed is nice & something I may consider after they nerf rocket boots :p

Tier 4
(0/0)Eye for an Eye, GTFO
E4aE is another PvP retribution talent... it goes without saying really, I don't think any Prot Paladin has this anyway. ^_^

(0/3)Sanctified Seals WANT VS (2/3)Crusade WANT
Ok Crusade is clearly better, it's not even questionable since my threat is not crit dependant anyway. At the moment I'm using Sanctified Seals though to help me solo Garr every week. Of course I intend to change this in the not too distant future.

Holy Tree
Tier 1
(0/5)Seals of the Pure WANT
Not something I want myself but can understand why a Protection Paladin would want it.

I'm only including this one because there's not much more for you in the Holy tree.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Twilight Assist

Last night we did Sartharion again but decided to try and keep a drake alive. The result was surprisingly easy once we had sorted our positioning out. Here's what happened:

& thus Sartharion the Onyx Guardian was defeated granting us the achievement Twilight Assist.

Next week we go with 2 drakes up!

Oh yeah & btw, I now have fraps working again on my computer as you can see. ^_^

You also can see the video on YouTube, & Subscribe to my Videos. (I will probably make more :p)
You can visit my YouTube Channel Page thing here.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Paladin UI (in the style of Diablo 3)

Well since it's a new year I thought I'd start a fresh with my UI since 90% of it had been made redundant by various patches, I haven't actually had a complete UI that I was happy with since October.
May I present my new Paladin UI:

As with every UI that I ever created it is just a complete rip off of someone else's UI, made to suit my needs.
Addons used include:
  • Bagnon
  • Big Wigs
  • Button Facade
  • Coords
  • Cowtip
  • Diablo 3 Dynamic Orbs
  • Dominos
  • Hide Bars
  • Hide Blizzard
  • Omen 3
  • Pally Power
  • Prat
  • Quartz
  • Rating Buster
  • Recount
  • Skinner
  • Xperl
+ I just added SpamMeNot to get rid of those pesky gold spammers.

It still needs a few tweaks but it's looking good so far imo. ^_^

Oh yeah & btw Happy New Year