Friday, January 23, 2009

Glory of the Hero - Watch Him Die

I will have my Glory of the Hero Achievement & my Red Proto-Drake!

Recent Achievements:

Amber Void
This achievement was extremely easy, we went with 4 Green Drakes & One Red drake (Me).
Every time a group of welps spawn target the closest one to chain you damage spell through the welps hitting the boss last for massive damage.

Watch Him Die
This achievement Was intense & allot of fun.
Our set-up:

Our tactic involved no messing around/killing adds.
Adds were handled as follows:
Canckle - Repentence & Turn Evil
Darrell - Shackle
Mitsune - Turn Evil
Dann - Turn Evil with Glyph of Turn Evil

This leave you with only 1 add (not including the watchers).
We then nuke the boss. Heroism, Avenging Wrath, the lot.
As soon as I drop to 50% HP I cast Holy Wrath, after 5 Seconds Mits uses his Holy Wrath & then another 5 Secs later Canckle uses his.
By this point the boss should be dead or at least close to death.

Gotta Go!
Since this acheivement was nerfed from 2 minutes to 4 minutes it has lost any challenge it once had. A group with half our dps could have pulled it off.

Red Proto-Drake, To Do List Updated:
  1. Zombiefest!
  2. Lightning Struck
  3. Less-rabi
  4. Split Personality
  5. Emerald Void

Yay, i'm nearly there!
I should be able to grab these at the weekend. Exciting stuff. :)

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