Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Level 80 Prot Pally Spec

There is allot of debate over What is the best Protection Paladin spec?
The answer is simple: There is no "best spec"

There are some talents you will want & some that you will need.
So instead of telling you how to spec I'm just going to explain my spec.

NEED - Dont go anywhere without this talent
WANT - This talent is optional depending on your preference
GTFO - Just... leave

Note: This is a spec for raids. It is not "the ultimate Paladin build" it is just my preferred build.

Protection Tree Tier 1
(0/5)Blessing of Kings WANT
Many Paladins are taking Kings, but it's not for me thanks.
My reason: My guild has too many Retri Paladins & any PvE specced Retribution Paladin (with no PvP talents) should have plenty of points to Pick up kings.
I consider Kings to be one of the best talents to have as a tank, but given the choice for 90% of Situations I would take BoS over Kings.

(5/5)Divine Strength NEED
Strength = Damage = Threat, it's not hard to understand.
More importantly though, strength will also now increase your Block Value.

(0/3)Stoicism GTFO
This is not something you need, nor is it something that I want. As a human, I don't really consider being stunned ever to be a problem.
& in WotLK I cannot think of a single PvE mob that dispels buffs.

(0/2)Guardians Favor WANT
Blessing....ahem. Hand of Freedom is a wonderful buff, now much more likely to be available when you need it.
It's not really needed but it is nice.

(5/5)Anticipation NEED
If you do not want an extra 5% of pure, non diminishing Dodge: You are beyond my help, please leave my site now. You dont belong here. Thankyou.

Tier 3
(3/3)Improved Righteous Fury NEED
Does exactly what it says on the tin.

(5/5)Toughness NEED
10%... that is allot of extra armor.

Tier 4
(0/2)Divine Guardian WANT
Ok, this a great talent for a Holy Paladin &/or an off tank, but this is not a Main Tank talent for obvious reasons.

(0/3)Improved Hammer of Justice WANT
This is another talent that is not bad but not great either, the only reason I would ever take it would be to help me solo the tiger boss in ZG. ^_^
I wouldn't recommend this talent to anyone, but also wouldn't kick it out of bed. :p

(3/3)Improved Devotion Aura NEED
Extra Armor & Healing for your entire raid is an opportunity that should not be missed. As long as you remember to use it!

Tier 5
(1/1)Blessing of Sanctuary NEED
As it stands the Protection Paladin is build around this buff. This is the buff that I wouldn't go anywhere without & all of your tanks will love you for it.

(3/5)Reckoning WANT
Most people don't spec for Reckoning & I cannot say that I blame them. I like to put 3 points in Reckoning for soloing mostly for maximizing the benefits of Seals & Judgements.
I wouldn't spend 5 points in Reckoning, that would be just pure waste, 3 is enough. :p

Tier 6
(2/2)Sacred Duty NEED
Divine Protection aka Bubble Wall cooldown being reduced & 6% Extra Stamina is awesomeness.

(5/5)One-Handed Weapon Specialization NEED
+10% Extra Damage from all of your the abilities that you have at your disposal. I love this talents and you should too.

Tier 7
(1/1)Holy Shield NEED
The fact that this is always on Cooldown While Tanking makes it an essential talent ^_^
That and the fact that you will need it if you wish to get the next 2 talents down the ladder.

(5/5)Ardent Defender NEED
When you have less than 35% health, all damage taken is reduced by 30%. Having 5 points here can and will really save your ass at one point or another.

Tier 8
(3/3)Redoubt NEED
30% Block Value is fricking OP!
If you have 2000 block value this adds an extra Damage reduction through 600 Block value!
When you think about it like that it sounds superb doesn't it?

(3/3)Combat Expertise NEED
Expertise, Stamina and 6% extra crit chance. What is there not to want about this talent?

Tier 9
(3/3)Touched by the Light NEED
This will be your one and only source of Spellpower, so it's important that you don't leave it out.

(1/1)Avengers Shield NEED
Your ranged attack. You will need this for those moments where a body pull just wont do. :p

(2/2)Guarded by the Light NEED
Saves you allot of Mana & gives you extra protection against casters.

Tier 10
(3/3)Shield of the Templar NEED
Damage reduction with the added bonus of extra boom! Yes Please.

(0/2)Judgements of the Just WANT
This talent is not worth picking up if you have a warrior with improved ThunderClap, since most prot warriors will spec for this chances are you wont need to & no, they do not stack.

Tier 11 (Final Tier)
(1/1)Hammer of the Righteous NEED
Nothing says "attack me" like a good loud "DONG!" which also tears mobs apart.

Retribution Tree
Tier 1

(5/5)Deflection NEED & (0/0)Benediction WANT
5% Parry will go a long way to help you surviving Patchworks enrage ^_^
As for Benediction: if you are using BoS & Divine Plea you should have no mana issues.

Tier 2
(2)Improved Judgements, NEED (3)Heart of the Crusader WANT & (0/0)Improved Blessing of Might GTFO
Reduced cooldown on a core Paladin ability + Crit for everyone!

Tier 3
(0/0)Vindication GTFO
Bosses are immune, this is purly a PvP talent & shouldn't be considered in any PvE build

(5)Conviction WANT
5% Extra Crit

(0/0)Seal of Command GTFO
Wont put out as much damage as SoR with this spec anyway

& (0/0)Pursuit of Justice WANT
Extra speed is nice & something I may consider after they nerf rocket boots :p

Tier 4
(0/0)Eye for an Eye, GTFO
E4aE is another PvP retribution talent... it goes without saying really, I don't think any Prot Paladin has this anyway. ^_^

(0/3)Sanctified Seals WANT VS (2/3)Crusade WANT
Ok Crusade is clearly better, it's not even questionable since my threat is not crit dependant anyway. At the moment I'm using Sanctified Seals though to help me solo Garr every week. Of course I intend to change this in the not too distant future.

Holy Tree
Tier 1
(0/5)Seals of the Pure WANT
Not something I want myself but can understand why a Protection Paladin would want it.

I'm only including this one because there's not much more for you in the Holy tree.


Algaran said...

Have a read at Maintankadin Specifically for the 969 rotation as to why 1/2 imp judgements is the way to go.

Its not that we dont want to judge every 8 seconds, its that we can't while maintaining 100% uptime on holy shield. Which is of course a good thing.

Aerophilia said...

yes, of course.

But the way I see it, there is nothing i'd rather have in the first 2 teirs of the retribution tree.
At least like this if I do somehow screw up my rotation I will have something to judge.

Having one point would be my decicion if I wasn't going deeper into the retribution tree of course ^_^

mashfestDez said...

very nice post sir.