Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dann, The almost Undying

The first rule for getting The Undying Achievement is:
Do not Talk About The Undying Achievement

The Second rule for getting The Undying Achievement is:

...You get the point.


Just your average 10-man Naxx run.
We have a strong mix of good players from the guild with a few Trials including a Shaman Healer and Warrior OT.

Spider Wing: goes well.
Azran:"Hey No-one's died! We should go for" *interrupted by Discobear*
Discobear:"NO! NO! NO! Don't say it!

Construct Wing: Huge Success.
Azran: "Hey guys, we should try and get" *interrupted by a collection of "DONT SAY IT!"

Plague Wing: also downed with little trouble, including The Safety Dance.
Azran: "The Undying! We can get The Undying!"
Many voices: "Shut the fuck up Azran" "Oh Great we'll never get it now" "that's ruined it"
Dann: "Ok, just to clarify: we are NOT going for The Undying. but: NO-ONE DIE! Everyone on full focus! If you drop on HP, pop a pot, don't take any chances, but we're NOT going for The Undying..."
Military Quarter: And as we approach 4-Horsemen our new healer, decides to mention: "I have never done this fight, can some-one explain tactics?"
And the raid collectively Sighs.

So here I created a perfect plan of action!
Dann: "Ok here's how this is going to work, Terror, you take Riventwat on the right here, New-Healer you stay with him, keep him alive. Darrell(Shadow Priest) You're healing me! Disco, is healing the ranged tanks. This is going to be easy, no-one will die!"
Everyone was in position, the readycheck comes back positive. Grimhild fires a shot into a horseman's beck & they all gallop to their corners.
I pop my wings so we can burst down Thane, everything has been set-up perfectly. If we did this we are pretty much guaranteed to...NO!

And as you twist your camera to check on the Off-Tank and his healer, a single tear trickles down your cheek at the site of the Barron himself, completely un-tanked trotting over towards your Shadow-priest healer...

It turns out 5 + 3 debuffs is too much for our shadow-priest healer. People die...
Dann:"....excuse me, i'm just going to take my headset off for a moment..."
*takes off headset*


Leiandra said...

Ah, bummer. So close. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully next week.

Aymee said...

Ah, I'm so sorry! But see, this is why you should be bringing me, and not some random healer!

Never mind that it was the offtank that was the problem, I'm sure I can fix that too.

(I want to be The Undying Aymee!
Or, really, I wanna be The Immortal Aymee, or Aymee the Immortal, however that goes, but you get the point. HI! I'm bored at work!)

Teh T said...

well its not like you would have moved out of void zones on KT anyway :P

Aerophilia said...

@Aymee: Arach forces me to raid with the trials. :'(
I just wanna go with "Acheivement Group X" tbh :P

@Teh T: Shit off you massive gay! I have sucessfuly avoided all void zones on the last 3 KT kills. =P

I was just having a stressful day that time! and we did actually own both Saphy & KT with the utmost ease FYI.

HP said...

=( I know how you feel lol... Maybe next time