Monday, February 16, 2009

Heroic: The Fall of Naxxramas

Just a quick post to say, i'm still alive.
I've been quite inactive in blogs lately due to:
a) RL Issues &
b)Achievement Whoring.

Good News:
After a few months of Naxx-25 with 17 People I decided to go on a recruitment spree this weekend!
This sunday we had a massive 32 people signed for our Naxx Raid of which 25 people actually turned up!

It's amazing what difference 8 people makes!
We one-shotted Saphiron & Deafeated KT as soon as we had bested our lag issues and I started moving out of the void spawns. ^_^

I am looking forward to our first kill on Malygos and Satharion with 3 Drakes! (i'm sure it will happen one day)

This brings me up to an awesome 5205 Achievement Points putting me a clear step above Helldog (the Scumbag)!

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