Monday, February 23, 2009

"Heroic"? lol

So Heavy Metal Inc officially started raiding Heroics last week. & for our 2nd week we decided to give Malygos a good attempts. & so we did.

... what a joke.
1st attempt: Tank dies, sparks are a bit messy.
2nd attempt: Lost a couple of people on Phase 2. Phase 3 we lose half the raid to a static field.
3rd attempt: Malygos goes down with little effort & few casualties.
Better late then never, Heavy Metal Inc have cleared all raid content with little challenge involved. (oh & I got myself a rather sexy new Neck: Nexus War Champion Beads)

You'd have thought that "Heroic" means a harder difficulty. Right?
Thats what it used to mean at least.
As the game is right now the raid encounters Naxx, Sarth & Malygos, all feel allot easier on Heroic.

This is probably because you depend less on individuals then you do the raid as a whole, but why shouldn't we be able to depend on individuals?

10-man raiding feels allot more personal to me while 25-man raiding feels like a Zergfest. We have over twice as many people and yet the bosses do not have twice as much health.
Most bosses don't even hit significantly harder.
In fact, the only single fight I feel is more difficult on "Heroic Difficulty" is Patchwork, an obstacle that is easily overcome with assigned healers and a stamina trinket.

What do you think?
Is heroic really More difficult?

I'm not usually one to complain about lack of a challenge but personally if it wasn't for the Achievement system I'd be bored with the game already.

Sometimes we need a good challenge to really single out the individuals and point out who is really under performing with no valid reason.


Grim said...

I agree with your assessment really; Some dedicated hardcore 25 raider I remember bitching about this, that the difficulty curve atm ends with Sarth103D.

Heroic is supposed to be harder overall, and yield better loot, but has a much smaller percentile margin of error. Losing 1 person in a 10man can be fatal on the harder bosses, losing two or three in a 25man usually doesn't mean much.

But really. Naxx is easy overall, and we started 25's late, when we had better gear, didn't we?

Ulduar will tell!

Discobear said...