Friday, February 20, 2009

OMG Tagged!?

Right then!
So we're playing this Tagged game!
(started on the Voodoo Ventures Blog)

The Blood-Elf Paladin, Aureilie of has tagged Dann & I am always happy to jump into my Screenshots folders!

Aureilie Says:
Basically you’re supposed to choose the sixth image in the sixth folder of your screenshot folder.

Character: Dann
Level: 60
Gear: Soulforge!
Location: Mount Hyjal
Further Comments: this is not the Caverns of Time instance that was released in The Burning Crusade.
This is the zone located south-west of Winterspring. With a bit of careful wall running (now almost impossible) You could enter Hyjal via Darkwhisper Gorge.
The Zone itself is twice the size of the instance (set in the past)

The under construction sign which was located close to the base of The World Tree, hinted that blizzard were going to use the Zone but we've still yet to hear anything about Hyjal being opened up to adventurers, which is a real shame because I can honestly say that it is one of the most beautiful zones in the game to date. I'm sad that it is no longer accessible to be honest, I feel sorry for those who never got to see it too.

Here's the Zone on map:

(& because I've Decided to play)
I'm going to Tag: Aymee, Mitsune & Trix.
Simply because I have been playing with them for some time and I am hopeful of a nice story and even more hopeful that I might be actually in one of the screen-shots :p
Also they are slack bloggers and need encouragement. ^_^

(I read the original post and I'm meant to Tag 6 people, which I feel is a little excessive anyways:)
Also Tagging: Nasthalthia, Peregrine and Doofy.

Ofc you guys don't have to tag people, but it would be nice if you could do at least 3 like Aureilie did.

Before people start bitching: If you've already been tagged go and post your 12th Screenshot instead!

Thanks again to Aureilie for reminding me about my old screenshots folders.

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